Americorp Half Time Position


Part Time Home Repair Coordinator Needed

(Position needs to be filled by early August)

 The Midtown Alliance of Neighbors, a Paducah-based non-profit, is seeking someone to fill  an AmeriCorps service position.   The position requires a 1-year commitment of 900 hours.  That’s about 20 hours a week, beginning September 1. (Hours are somewhat flexible, but generally during weekdays.)

Primary duties will include the following:

Coordinate two volunteer-led work events a year, helping approximately 20 low-income homeowners with critical home repair needs.  Work will include all aspects of the event–review of applications, visits to identify and prioritize work, recruitment of volunteers, pricing and purchasing of materials, assistance in completing work, and associated recordkeeping.

Work on projects continues for most of the year.  Two to three days a week the Construction Coordinator will work with volunteers on projects.  Some days (especially in the summer) this will be work with youth groups.  At other times, it will mean working with 2-3 men from Lifeline Ministries or a local halfway house (based on their experience and/or the coordinator’s) to complete a variety of carpentry, roofing, drywall, or concrete projects or to do prep work or wrap up work for a larger group.

The ideal candidate will have some construction experience and will be comfortable (1) coordinating materials and tools for projects; (2) working with a variety of people, including homeowners, youth groups, and adult volunteers including inmates; and (3)  using the computer for project-related recordkeeping.

The 1-year position offers a basic living stipend of $6,686.   Plus, a $2,960 educational award is available upon completion of  900 hours of service.  The AmeriCorps service member can use the  award themselves, or, for members 55 and over, the award can be passed onto a child, grandchild, or foster child.

The mission of the Midtown Alliance of Neighbors create stronger neighborhoods in Paducah through home rehabilitation, education, and outreach.  Those wanting more information about the Midtown Alliance of Neighbors can check out our website at

This position is an AmeriCorps position through Kentucky’s Homes for All program and will require some reporting to that program.

For more information or to send resume, e-mail Sharon Poat, Midtown Alliance of Neighbors, at or call at 270-556-0826.



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