A Look at the 2010 Repair Affair

This was the second year for the Midtown Alliance of Neighbors hosted Repair Affair. We are excited to see it growing and thrilled both to have had the opportunity to work with old friends and to have met wonderful new folks willing to lend a helping hand.

As you all know this program works with seed money from the Kentucky Housing Corporation, steeply discounted and donated building materials, and volunteers – many of whom put in several days work preparing and making sure all repairs were done and done well. This year we helped 18 low-income homeowners in Paducah, most of whom are elderly or disabled.

The jobs we all worked together to complete went well beyond the sort of work that could typically be expected with this sort of program. During work events in May and October, dedicated folks tore off shingles and repaired roofs and their structures; repaired and replaced windows; re-sided an entire house; repaired metal fascia; installed a brick foundation; rewired and entire house; installed new heat and air units and repaired others; remediated mold and replaced a rotted floor; hung drywall; did minor plumbing, and scrapped and glazed and painted and painted.

With the help of $15,000 from the Kentucky Housing Corporation, we generated more than $50,000 worth of repairs for homeowners who desperately needed them.

In our position, we feel blessed to get to meet and work with everyone who gives so generously; to get to know homeowners and hear repeated thanks for the work that wouldn’t have been done without you; and to see the big picture of the good works accomplished.

For everyone who was involved in the 2010 Repair Affair, Thank you.


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