Neighbors helping neighbors

PADUCAH, Ky. – Local volunteers joined forces Saturday to help the MidTown Alliance of Neighbors during an event called Repair Affair.

The focus was one day devoted to help low income and disabled homeowners in need of critical maintenance and other issues.

Homeowner Carol Albright and her brother Vester Lawrence couldn’t be more pleased.

“I just really appreciate that so much, God has blessed us so much,” Albright said.

The two are disabled and taking care of the house got harder and harder.

“I’m not one to ask for help. I always like to do it myself, it’s very humbling,” Lawrence added.

The Alliance received $1,000 per home from the Kentucky Housing Authority for materials, but the labor is provided by volunteers.

If you would like to help contact Sharon Poet at 270-444-8947.

To learn more about the day’s activities, watch the accompanying video.

Original Source: Local 6 News


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