Repair Affair 2014 in Review

We at Midtown Alliance of Neighbors would like to thank everyone who had a part in Repair Affair 2014! The program would not be possible without the generous support of this community and others across the Bluegrass state! Below are the final numbers for the projects we were able to complete!


Clients Served:
20 Families
Over 3000 hours donated by more than 150 volunteers which equates to a value of over $30,205 worth of labor!
Monetary Donations:
Value of Material Donations:
Total Value of 2014 Repair Affair Projects
*An additional $5,000 from 2013 funds were also
used early in the year to finish up 2013 projects.

You can also see our complete report at the link below.

RA 2014 Year in Review

YOU made a difference in someone’s life last year! Would you be a part of changing another in 2015? Be on the lookout for ways you can get involved in Repair Affair this year!


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