Repair Affair

Repair Affair is a bi-annual one-day event where teams of volunteers come to people’s homes and complete pre-determined repairs. Repair Affair is NOT a re-decorating, remodeling, or total rehab program.  Typical repairs focus on safety, security, accessibility, maintenance, and weatherization.  Some examples of what we have done in the past is assisting homeowners who need help with roofs, drainage, painting, siding, floor bracing, window repair, electrical, carpentry, and plumbing work, and a variety of clean up and tree work.

Before Repair Affair there is sometimes prep work that needs to be done on the houses (such as demo work and scraping paint.) We like to have volunteers who are willing to come out to help with this work too so that the Repair Affair work day goes as smoothly as possible. Also, sometimes we have touch up work that needs to be finished after the Repair Affair workday.

In order to get this work done, we need you to help in one or more ways.

  • Bring a team OR come alone. Come out for a day of work and camaraderie in May and October—come alone or bring a group to tackle a task.  (If you or your group can’t come on the main work day, we’ll work out an alternative date.)
  • Be a team leader. Each home will need a team leader who will coordinate the work and will work with Midtown Alliance staff and the homeowner ahead of time to finalize the work items, organize a materials and tools list, and otherwise prepare for the work day.
  • Offer a donation of cash or building materials. We rely on donations from the community to fund these projects.

The following pictures were taken of 2014 Repair Affair projects

Repair Affair 2012 Pictures

Repair Affair 2013 Pictures

Repair Affair 2014 Pictures


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