Midtown Alliance of Neighbors strives to provide resources and assistance to those in need in the city of Paducah, Kentucky.  The non-profit organization seeks to provide information, opportunities for interaction, and rehabilitation assistance to homeowners that will strengthen both the physical neighborhood and the sense of “community” which makes a neighborhood a desirable place to live.


Special thanks to the City of Paducah for helping make the Midtown Alliance of Neighbors possible.

  • Fountain Avenue Neighborhood – Information about the Fountain Avenue Neighborhood – Paducah’s historic neighborhood that they are currently in the process of revitalizing.
  • Goals – List of general goals of the Midtown Alliance of Neighbors to get a better idea of what we are all about.
  • Repair Affair – A one day event that happens twice a year (once in the spring and once in the fall.) If you are looking to volunteer for this one day event or if you want work to be done to your house, read more about our Repair Affair work days.
  • FAN Assist – Fountain Avenue Neighborhood Assist.  A grant program for home rehabilitation that is facilitated by Midtown Alliance of Neighbors and open to all eligible Fountain Avenue Neighborhood residents.
  • Full House Rehabs – Examples of houses that the Midtown Alliance has done full rehab work on. Their goal is to preserve these historic homes and make them available to the public.







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