FAN Assist

The Program

FAN Assist, or Fountain Avenue Neighborhood Assist, is a grant program facilitated by the Midtown Alliance of Neighbors.  The funding for this program comes from the Kentucky Affordable Housing Trust Fund.  Each year, we will be able to give home rehabilitation assistance to upwards of six low-income homeowners in the Fountain Avenue Revitalization Area.  Up to six more homeowners will be helped each year in the following year(s).  Here are the program’s main points:

  • You must own and live in your home.  And your home must be located in the Fountain Avenue Revitalization area.
  • Your household income must be less than 60% of the Area Median Income (shown below).
  • The maximum amount of help for each property is $60,000. Your home’s project may not require that much.   However, if there is a possibility that any rehabilitation project will cost more than $60,000, we will work with the homeowner on a case-by-case basis to help determine alternatives.
  • The Midtown Alliance of Neighbors will work with you to define the rehabilitation work to be done and will coordinate completion of the work.
  • The property owner must sign a deed restriction says that the home must continue to be the homeowner’s primary residence for the next 10 years.  If for some reason, the homeowner must leave the home before the ten-year affordability period is up, the property must be sold to another low-income person (including a relative or friend) at an affordable price as outlined in the deed restriction.


To be eligible for this program your household income must be at or below 60% or the Area Median Income, as determined by HUD.   The current income limits are given here.  Income limits for the upcoming year will be released in late spring, and final eligibility will be determined using those.

We will verify your income and initial eligibility for the program after receiving an application.  Following guidelines from the funding source, we may need to re-verify income before finalizing your rehab project and beginning work on your house.   We will also verify your ownership of the house and do a basic credit check.To determine your gross income, we will add all sources of income for everyone in your household, including SSI, disability, pensions, wages, child support, alimony, K-Tap, food stamps, and other benefits.  If you have questions about whether to count a benefit you receive as income, please call Sharon Poat at 556-0826.  We will also gather information about cash, stocks, IRAs, other pieces of property, and other assets you have.  If you have more than $5,000 in additional assets, we will add 2% of the value of assets over $5,000 to your income to get a final income total.   Please note that by signing and submitting an application, you are giving us permission to verify information with your bank, employer, etc.

Application Deadlines

The Midtown Alliance of Neighbors will accept applications for FAN Assist on an ongoing basis.  We took applications to create an initial pool of applicants through April 30, 2018 but have continued to accept applications after that date.  New applications will be ranked according to our criteria and added to the project pool accordingly.  Applications are not ranked on first-come first-serve basis.


Applications can be mailed or brought to:

Midtown Alliance of Neighbors
300 Fountain Avenue
Paducah, KY 42001

<<<<Download 2018 RA application>>>



If you need help filling out your application or if you have any questions, call Sharon Poat at 556-0826 or Stacy Beesley at 270-205-5080 email us at




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