Goals of Midtown Alliance

Below are some of the goals for the Midtown Alliance of Neighbors.:

  1. Establish specific criteria to determine the type and amount of assistance each applicant may receive.  Requirements for qualifification may include:
  • Owner occupied homes.
  • Residents must have lived in their home for a minimum of three years.
  • Property owner is current on city, county, state, and federal taxes.
  • Assistance is needed to remedy a violation of the city codes.
  • Owner is elderly, disabled, or has children.

Further objectives include:

  • Get volunteer groups to build homes or help restore homes.
  • Recruit sponsors to donate time or materials.
  • Establish policy that makes expenditures from the Neighborhood Fund of low interest loans to households that meet the specific criteria established by the alliance through the Executive Committee.
  • Recruit qualified and skilled supervisors to oversee projects requiring skilled labor.
  • Recruit volunteers to provide labor and services to selected programs and projects.
  • Maintain a positive, constructive, working relationship with city representatives, volunteers, and those offering financial interest.
  • Hold “How to Maintain a Home” and “How to Buy a Home” classes.

Regarding volunteers and financial support, the alliance would assist:

  • Skilled and unskilled volunteers for home repair projects.
  • Moving assistance by volunteers.
  • Landscaping and lawn care.
  • Helping find a decent place to live.
  • Workers for the salvage center.
  • Donors from companies and individuals of financial and building materials.
  • Help find qualified contractors to donate time and skills.
  • Low interest loans to fix up houses from a revolving loan program.
  • Relocation assistance involving moving and short-term living expenses.
  • Gap financing on loans as partnerships with local banks.



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